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District Leadership Team


District Trainer


Based on the recommendation of the governor-elect, the governor should appoint a district trainer on an annual basis. The district trainer is responsible for supporting the governor and governor-elect in training club and district leaders.

  • 理事會建議地區訓練人至少要符合以下的資格:

  • The Board recommends the following minimum qualifications for the district trainer:

  • 為地區內扶輪社之名譽社員以外的資格完備社員,年資至少3

  • Membership, other than honorary, in good standing in a club in the district for at least three years

  • 最好挑選具備訓練或教育之工作或專業背景者擔任

  • Training or education as a component of their vocation or profession preferred

  • 其身份為前地區總監或富有經驗的前助理總監或地區委員會前主委

  • Status as a past district governor, a skilled past assistant governor, or past district committee chair

  • 清楚了解地區訓練人應對總監及總監當選人負責

  • A clear understanding that the district trainer is responsible to the governor and governor-elect

  • 願意且有能力接受地區訓練師的責任,其責任由每一地區訂定。

  • Willingness and ability to accept the responsibilities of district trainer as determined by each district


The governor-elect should instruct the trainer on training needs in the district for the current Rotary year related to

  • 社長當選人訓練研習會

  • PETS

  • 地區講習會議

  • The district assembly

  • 地區團隊訓練研習會,含助理總監訓練

  • The district team training seminar, which includes assistant governor training


Working in conjunction with the governor, the trainer is responsible on an annual basis for developing and conducting training for the

  • 地區領導人研習會

  • District leadership seminar

  • 扶輪青年服務團領導人訓練

  • Rotaract leadership training

  • 其他地區性的訓練活動,如社員發展研習會*或地區扶輪基金研習會

  • Other training events in the district, as appropriate, such as the membership development seminar* or the district Rotary Foundation seminar


* 社員發展研習會也可以在您擔任總監當選人的期間內舉辦。


* The membership development seminar may be held during your year as governor-elect.


Under the direction of the governor-elect or governor, the trainer is typically responsible for one or more of the following aspects of training at the aforementioned meetings:


Planning program content (in accordance with Board-recommended curricula)

  • 主持課程

  • Conducting sessions

  • 尋找主講人及其他義工

  • Identifying speakers and other volunteers

  • 訓練引導人和其他訓練領導人

  • Training facilitators and other training leaders

  • 計劃評估

  • Evaluating the program

  • 後勤事項

  • Handling logistics


On an annual basis and based on the recommendation of the governor-elect, the governor may appoint as many assistant district trainers as he or she deems appropriate. The district trainer will assign their responsibilities. Qualifications of assistant district trainers should be consistent with those of the district trainer.


It is strongly recommended that program content, in particular, be prepared by the district trainer.




Assistant Governors


All districts shall use the title “assistant governor” for Rotarians who are appointed by the governor to serve at the district level and are assigned the responsibility of assisting the governor with respect to administration of designated clubs.


All assistant governors will be responsible for providing the following support to the clubs to which they have been assigned:

  • 在扶輪年度開始之前與下屆扶輪社社長會商並予以協助,以討論扶輪社之目標並檢視「有效的扶輪社規劃指南(參閱第十二章)及有關那些無法符合扶輪社最低標準,而於扶輪政策彙編2.010.1.所列之「失去功能(www.rotary.org)

  • Meet with and assist the incoming club presidents before the beginning of the Rotary year to discuss the clubs’ goals and review the Planning Guide for Effective Clubs (see chapter 12) and “Failure to Function,” section 2.010.1 of the Rotary Code of Policies (www.rotary.org), for those clubs that do not meet the minimum standards for Rotary clubs.

  • 出席每一社與總監公式訪問相關之社務行政會議。

  • Attend each club assembly associated with the governor’s official visit.

  • 定期訪問每一扶輪社,至少每季一次,但最好每月一次,並與扶輪社社長及扶輪社其他領導人開會討論該社事務及該社有哪些資源可使用。

  • Visit each club regularly, preferably monthly with a minimum of one visit each quarter of the Rotary year, and meet with the club president and other club leadership to discuss the business of the club and resources available to them.

  • 協助扶輪社領導人安排總監公式訪問時程及規劃。

  • Assist club leaders in scheduling and planning for the governor’s official visit.

  • 隨時告知總監各社之進展,並建議各種方式來加強扶輪發展及解決問題。

  • Keep the governor posted on progress of the clubs and suggest ways to enhance Rotary development and address problems.

  • 鼓勵各社漂續貫徹總監之要求及建議。

  • Encourage clubs to follow through on requests and recommendations of the governor.

  • 督導各社在服務計劃方面之績效。

  • Monitor each club’s performance with respect to service projects.

  • 找出並鼓勵培養地區未來領導人。

  • Identify and encourage the development of future district leaders.


In order to fully meet these responsibilities, all assistant governors are expected to

  • 出席地區團隊訓練會、社長當選人訓練會、地區講習會、地區年會和其他的地區會議.

  •  Attend the district team training seminar, the presidents-elect training seminar, the district assembly, the district conference, and other district meetings

  • 向下屆總監建議應設立那些委員會

  • Advise the incoming governor on district committee selections

  • 參與扶輪基金會的計劃活動,年度及特別捐獻活動,以及其他的特別任務

  • Participate in Rotary Foundation programs, annual and special giving events, and other special assignments as necessary


Minimum criteria in selecting assistant governors include:

  • 為地區內扶輪社之名譽社員以外的資格完備社員,年資至少3

  • Membership (other than honorary) in good standing in a club in the district for at least three years

  • 曾任滿一期之扶輪社社長

  • Service as president of a club for a full term

  • 願意並有能力接受助理總監的責任

  • Willingness and ability to accept the responsibilities of assistant governor

  • 在地區階層有傑出的表現

  • Demonstrated outstanding performance at the district level

  • 有潛力成為地區未來的領導人。

  • Potential for future leadership in the district


Assistant governors are district appointees. They are not officers of Rotary International. Assistant governors are to be appointed on an annual basis, with no assistant governor serving more than three one-year terms in order to provide continuity in the district leadership. It is recommended that no past governor serve as an assistant governor.


Districts are responsible for determining any financial support provided to assistant governors in performing their duties and responsibilities. Governors are eligible to receive limited funding from RI for the purpose of training and supporting assistant governors. See chapter 11, “Finances,” for more information on allocated funds for assistant governor training and support.

n 您的助理總監要如何盡可能的幫助您呢? 




n How will your assistant governors be most helpful to you?


It is important that assistant governors help to develop the district goals before committees are appointed. The objectives are to reach a consensus for what the district wants to achieve and to appoint personnel only as necessary to achieve the district goals.


District Committees


District committees are charged with carrying out the goals of the district as formulated by the governor with the advice of the assistant governors. Committees shall be appointed to address ongoing administrative functions, as follows:

  • 社員發展

  • Membership Development

  • 擴展

  • Extension

  • 財務

  • Finance

  • 國際扶輪計劃

  • RI Programs

  • 公共關係

  • Public Relations

  • 地區年會

  • District Conference

  • 扶輪基金會

  • The Rotary Foundation

  • 國際扶輪社年會推廣

  • RI Convention Promotion


Additional district committees are appointed only when they serve a specific function as identified by the governor and the district leadership team. Committees not meeting these criteria should not be appointed.


Committee Structure


To be effective, these committees must have continuity of leadership. Members should serve staggered three-year terms. Each year, the governor in office shall appoint at least one Rotarian for a period of three years to fill vacancies and one member of each committee to serve as chair for that year.


Committee Qualifications


The minimum recommended qualification for appointment to a district committee is membership, other than honorary, in good standing in a club in the district.


In addition, it is recommended that the chair selected be a past district governor, a past assistant governor, or an effective past district committee member, and have previous experience as a member of that district committee.


Training Requirements


District committee chairs shall attend the district team training seminar and the district assembly before serving as chair.


Relation to RI, Rotary Foundation, or Presidential Appointees


District committees should work with relevant RI and Rotary Foundation committees or task forces, as well as Rotarians appointed by the RI president or Trustee chairman, to facilitate action at the district or club levels related to specific RI or Rotary Foundation programs or activities.


Reporting Requirements

地區委員會應定期向總監報告委員會活動情形。地區委員會應向國際扶輪報告成功的活動,俾便刊載於國際扶輪出版品及國際扶輪網站(www. Rotary.org)

District committees shall regularly report the status of their activities to the governor and report successful activities to RI for possible inclusion in RI publications and on RI’s Web site.


Past District Governors



This group of experienced Rotarians can serve as advisers. You may wish to call all past district governors together informally at least once a year to inform them of recent developments in Rotary, maintain their interest in Rotary’s programs, and make their experience and advice more readily available. An advisory council of past district governors can be of great assistance. Such an organization should operate under your supervision and in no way dilutes your authority or responsibility. See “Past Governors” at the end of chapter 2 in the Manual of Procedure.



For a detailed description of committee purposes, qualifications, duties, responsibilities, and additional training requirements, refer to appendix 1.