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The Official Visit



The governor’s official visit, as required by the RI bylaws section 15.090, has been defined by the RI Board as

an official visit individually or in multiclub meetings conducted throughout the year to take place at a time that maximizes the governor’s presence for the purpose of

a.   著重於重視重大的扶輪問題

b.   提供較弱且面臨困難之扶輪社特別關注

c.    激勵扶輪社員參加服務活動

d.   親自表彰地區內有卓越貢獻的扶輪社員

a) Focusing attention on important Rotary issues

b) Providing special attention to weak or struggling clubs

c) Motivating Rotarians to participate in service activities

d) Recognizing in person the outstanding contributions of Rotarians in the district

公式訪問應在總監蒞臨時可以形成最大影響力的時機來舉行,其中包括授證晚會(charter night)、入社儀式、新社員訓練計劃、表彰或頒獎典禮、特別的計劃、扶輪基金會的活動、或是埠際會議。

Such visits should take place at a time that maximizes the impact of the governor’s presence, including charter nights, induction ceremonies, new member orientation programs, citation or award presentations, special programs, Foundation events, or intercity meetings.


All governors must have direct personal contact with each club through some form of official visit during the year. You have a great deal of flexibility in planning your visits, along with the opportunity to capitalize on significant events throughout the year for each club. The district governor can visit clubs any time during the year. While you can continue to visit clubs individually, you may also conduct multiclub or intercity meetings, with attendance from all participating clubs, not just the host clubs.


Assistant governors will meet regularly with club leaders to discuss the business of the club and the resources available. Whenever visiting a club, the assistant governor is to complete or update a Memo of Club Visit form.

n 您地區內有那些活動是適合於以跨社會議形式舉辦呢?





n Which activities in your district are conducive to multiclub meetings?

n 您要如何將這個觀念導入地區內的所有扶輪社呢?





n How can you introduce this concept to clubs in your district?


The Memo of Club Visit, to be completed by the assistant governor, can be found in chapter 12 of this manual.



Preparation for an Official Visit


Before your official visit, you will be working closely with your assistant governors who have been visiting, conferring with, and advising their assigned clubs on a regular basis in order to inform you on the strengths, weaknesses, and needs of each club. One of the primary responsibilities of the assistant governors is to help club leaders develop goals and plans for the coming year. It is essential that both you and the assistant governor know each clubs background, leaders, key service projects, membership attendance patterns, challenges, and strengths.


Maintaining club records is the responsibility of both the governor and the assistant governor. Begin by reviewing records you receive from the district governor preceding you, such as past Memo of Club Visit forms, the district profile, or past Planning Guide for Effective Rotary Clubs forms. You may set up either a file or an electronic directory on each club, adding information as you have contact with the club or receive club bulletins.


As your assistant governors visit the clubs (the RI Board recommends they do so at least quarterly), they will also add information and share it with you. With this information, you and your assistant governors can plan ways to build on the clubs strengths while addressing their special needs.

n 在計劃您的公式訪問時,您必須考慮哪些地區傳統呢?



n Which traditions in your district should be considered as you plan your official visits?


Planning Your Schedule


With the help of your assistant governors, you will want to begin identifying as early as possible special events in the district that would be appropriate for the occasion of an official visit. Based on the meeting day, the location of the club, or a special event, attempt to group the clubs so that you are visiting neighboring clubs or conducting an intercity meeting on consecutive days. You may choose to delegate the responsibility of scheduling the official visits in assigned geographic areas to your assistant governors who serve those areas. Their familiarity with local media, as well as the time it takes to travel from one club to another, can be an asset in coordinating your schedule. Once you have determined the dates for your visits, have an itinerary sent to the club presidents to confirm the dates. Publish your itinerary in your first monthly letter, district directory, or on the districts Web site, and send copies to club presidents and secretaries in the district.


Work with your assistant governors to identify clubs that will require early attention, either by you or a member of your district leadership team. This list should include new clubs, clubs with low membership, and clubs that are not meeting minimum standards. Make copies of the Working with Clubs that Need Special Attention worksheet (see appendix 1 of this chapter). Work with your assistant governor to complete a separate worksheet for each club.

由於行政上的需要,助理總監在整年度內必須定期拜訪扶輪社。 公式訪問則是要由地區總監去鼓舞和表彰扶輪社員們。

Club visits are made by assistant governors regularly throughout the year for administrative purposes. Official visits are made by the district governor to motivate and recognize club Rotarians.



During the Official Visit


In addition to your other responsibilities at the official visit, you and the assistant governor will need at least an hour to meet with the club president, secretary, and president-elect. Use this time to

  • 檢視扶輪社的填補及未填補的職業分類名冊。詢問該扶輪社近期內是否有實施社區內的職業分類調查,以確認職業分類名冊中確實代表著社區內所有的職業與專業。

  • Examine the clubs roster of filled and unfilled classifications. Inquire if the club has recently conducted a community survey of classifications to make sure the classifications list represents the communitys businesses and professions.

  • 詢問扶輪社的施行細則是否已經更新隨時可用。如果還沒,建議他們直接採用最新〝建議扶輪社細則〞。

  • Inquire if an up-to-date copy of the clubs bylaws is readily available. If not, suggest that the current Recommended Rotary Club Bylaws be adopted.

  • 向扶輪社社長及秘書查明該扶輪社是否有按時繳交社員會費給國際扶輪社,訂閱應該閱讀的出版品,及做到所有應盡的義務。若尚有金額未繳清,驅策該扶輪社儘快繳清尚欠國際扶輪的會費。並說明忽略繳交會費的後果。

  • Ascertain from the club president and secretary if the club is up-to-date in its RI payments of per capita dues, subscriptions, and other obligations. If not, urge the club to promptly pay all amounts due RI. Explain the consequences of neglecting to pay dues.

  • 要對扶輪社秘書強調更新社員紀錄的重要性,請迅速利用國際扶輪網站或郵寄新社員、社員變動或終止報告表格,當有如此情形發生時來更新其紀錄。

  • Emphasize to the club secretary the importance of updating membership records using RIs Web site or sending new member, change, or termination report forms to the RI offices as they occur.

  • 在檢查每個委員會的計劃時,您可以參照〝有效能扶輪社的規劃指南〞中所列出的相關建議項目。當您在檢閱該核對清單的同時,也可以建議社長直接提出您可能協助問題的地方或方法。您可以花點時間協助該扶輪社的:

  •  As you review each committees plans, you may wish to check the suggestions under each related item in the Planning Guide for Effective Rotary Clubs. As you review the checklist together, suggest that the president indicate problem areas or ways you can be helpful. You can help the club by spending some time on

-  扶輪社預算及財務

-  扶輪社委員會計劃

-  每週社刊的功能

-  對每週例會節目的建議

-  社員發展及防止流失

-  扶輪訊息

-  扶輪社行政會議的計劃

-  參加社長當選人訓練會議、地區講習會、地區扶輪基金研習會、地區社員發展研習會、地區領導研習會及地區年會的重要性

-  參與及支持扶輪基金會的活動

-  扶輪社的永久紀錄

-  利用〝程序手冊〞及/或〝扶輪政策彙編〞來解決扶輪社行政管理的問題

   The clubs budget and finances

   The club committee plan

   The function of the weekly bulletin

   Suggestions regarding weekly meeting programs

   Membership development and retention

   Rotary information

   Plans for club assemblies

   The importance of attendance at the presidents-elect training seminar, district assembly, district Rotary Foundation seminar, district membership seminar, district leadership seminar, and district conference

   Participation in and support of Rotary Foundation activities

   The clubs permanent records

   Using the Manual of Procedure and/or Rotary Code of Policies to solve club administration problems

  • 考慮儘量多花點時間來提供更多的協助給流失社員或社員增加量過低的扶輪社.

  • Consider spending an extra hour or so to provide as much help as possible for clubs that have lost members or have had a relatively small increase


Remember, your estimated allocation from RI for travel expenses is structured under the assumption that you will visit neighboring clubs consecutively. As soon as possible, determine the dates you will be making visits. Confirm these dates with the club presidents.


For official visits, develop a club review checklist tailored to the RI theme and your goals for the year.



The Club Assembly


The assistant governor attends the club assembly associated with your official visit. This club assembly is an opportunity for club officers and committee members to discuss their plans and accomplishments and to confer with your representative about their concerns. There are two major differences between this club assembly and others conducted throughout the year:

1.    主要目的是討論扶輪社的該年度計劃以及總監訪問有效率的時機。

2.    助理總監的以一位顧問的立場出席會議。

1. The principal purpose is to discuss the status of club plans for the year, and the timing and the effect of the timing of the governors visit.

2. The assistant governor is there as a counselor.


After the Official Visit


You and/or your assistant governor should write to the club president immediately after your visit to

  • 對他們熱情招待表達感謝之意,還有對您觀察到該扶輪社社長或扶輪社的特質加以讚許

  • 對某些委員會的計劃與成就提出意見

  • 提醒社長在您訪問期間討論到的應特別注意事項

  • 表達您願意持續協助的意願

  • 提醒社長定期舉行扶輪社社務行政會議,並利用〝有效能扶輪社的規劃指南〞做為一種指導

  • 要求提供書面的訪問會議記錄給您及地區的國際扶輪辦事處,以利追蹤進度

  • Express appreciation for courtesies extended to you and to commend the club president or the club on some characteristic you observed

  • Comment on certain committee plans and accomplishments

  • Remind the president of matters discussed during your visit that need special attention

  • Express your continued interest and desire to be of further service

  • Remind the president to hold regular club assemblies, using the Planning Guide for Effective Rotary Clubs as a guide

  • Provide you and the districts RI office with written documentation for follow-up


A frequent review of the status of the clubs in the district will enable you to ascertain which ones need continuing and detailed attention. Such clubs can be helped through your monthly letter as well as letters of inspiration and challenge to the officers. You may be able to arrange your itinerary so that you can visit informally with the president again. Remember to keep a running account of issues that should be emphasized at the district assembly to share with the governor-elect.


Completing the Memo of Club Visit


The Memo of Club Visit is a report on each club visit conducted by you or an assistant governor. This document serves as a reference for you, assistant governors, or your successors in future contacts with the club. Advise your assistant governors to prepare the memo to accurately reflect the practices, accomplishments, weaknesses, and unique challenges of the club, as well as specific suggestions for help. Club information on the Memo of Club Visit form also serves as the basis for the district profile that you will receive from your RI office. The following points should be considered when preparing these memos:

  • 報告必須是清晰易讀;手寫報告書的筆跡經常不易於辨認。您自己的檔案也必須留一份影本。請注意:每個扶輪地區都必須負責留存自己的歷史紀錄。

  • 請與總監當選人分享這份報告書。如此一來,您的繼任者在上任以前就可以得到每個扶輪社的詳細資料。

  • Make your memos legible; handwritten memos sometimes are difficult to read. Keep a copy of the memo in your files. Note: Each Rotary district is responsible for maintaining its own historical records.

  • Share the memo with the governor-elect. In this way, your successor will have more information on each club before taking office.


The final submitted version of the memo should reflect observations based on cumulative visits to the club. Maintain a file of copies of all Memo of Club Visit forms for district records. Mail the originals for all clubs in the district to your RI office by 1 June.


Additional Visits to Clubs Needing Special Attention


Encourage assistant governors to make additional visits to clubs needing special attention. As your liaison with club leadership, the assistant governor can provide guidance to these clubs and report their progress to you. If these clubs require support and guidance from you directly, consider using your official visit as an opportunity to build on the work of your assistant governors, using this time to inspire and motivate the members of the club.


Remind assistant governors that the Memo of Club Visit forms are due to the governor by 15 May.