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RI Service Programs


Community service projects may incorporate a wide range of community concerns and needs — from human development to community development, from environmental protection to partners in service. These needs may also be met through vocational service, as Rotarians are encouraged to contribute their vocational skills to meeting community needs and by modeling high ethical standards.


International service projects provide an opportunity for Rotary clubs to cooperate with their counterparts in other countries to meet the needs of the global community. International service addresses the same concerns and needs that clubs address in their own communities. Through international service, Rotarians are encouraged to look beyond their local neighborhoods, sharing expertise and material support with communities around the world.


Each year, two central events — the International Assembly and the RI Convention — bring Rotarians together from all over the globe. These meetings provide ideal opportunities for you to begin to network with other district governors-elect regarding potential international service partnerships. Your activity in these cross-cultural interactions will be a catalyst for promoting international service among clubs in the district.

n 貴地區最近參與哪些國際服務計劃? 




n What international service projects has your district participated in recently?

n 您於您的年度裡如何建樹這些計劃? 




n How can you build on those projects during your year?


Strong district RI program committees should provide support to the wide range of concerns that clubs in the district are addressing in local and international communities. RI provides opportunities for service through its structured programs and menu of service opportunities.


The governor has ultimate responsibility for ensuring that district programs are conducted appropriately. The governor should ensure that no personal financial profit is made from the district’s activities.




Structured Programs

由國際扶輪理事會建議扶輪社和地區採行之組織性活動, 包括建議之架構及指導方針。

Organized activities recommended by the RI Board for clubs and districts that include a recommended framework and guidelines

  • 扶輪少年服務團

  • 扶輪青年服務團

  • 扶輪社區服務團

  • 扶輪聯誼

  • 扶輪友誼交換

  • 扶輪義工

  • 扶輪青少年領袖獎

  • 世界社會服務

  • 青少年交換

  • Interact

  • Rotaract

  • Rotary Community Corps (RCC)

  • Rotary Fellowships

  • Rotary Friendship Exchange

  • Rotary Volunteers

  • Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA)

  • World Community Service (WCS)

  • Youth Exchange


Menu of Service Opportunities


Issues and concerns that RI has identified as recommended service priorities for clubs and districts for a specified period of time. Clubs and districts are encouraged to consider the Menu of Service Opportunities when developing a service project as the issues may be incorporated into any Rotary effort and are not limited to a local community project. A Menu of Service Opportunities (605B) includes:

  • 瀕臨危險兒童

  • 殘障者

  • 保健

  • 國際瞭解及親善

  • 識字與數字能力

  • 人口問題

  • 貧窮與飢餓

  • 保護行星地球

  • 都市問題

  • Children at Risk

  • Disabled Persons

  • Health Care

  • International Understanding and Goodwill

  • Literacy and Numeracy

  • Population Issues

  • Poverty and Hunger

  • Preserve Planet Earth

  • Urban Concerns

n 在您服務年度當中會關心什麼方面?


n What areas of concern will you focus on during your year of service?


The following outlines your responsibilities with respect to each of Rotary’s major structured programs. For more detailed information and a list of publications, see the appendix to this chapter or use the program’s title to conduct a search on RI’s Web site (www.rotary.org).


1.     參考本章的附錄

2.     利用計劃名稱在國際扶輪網站搜尋資訊

For more information on RI programs and related publications:

1. Refer to the appendix to this chapter.

2. Search www.rotary.org using the program’s name.






Interact is a Rotary-sponsored service organization for young men and women of secondary school age.


Your responsibilities as governor:

  • 在適當情況下指派一個地區的扶輪少年服務團委員會。

  • 簽核及批准地區內所有扶輪少年服務團的籌組。

  • 傳送總監月報給扶輪少年服務團

  • 若地區內有五個以上的扶輪少年服務團,鼓勵甄選出一位地區扶輪少年服務團代表(就是一位由地區的扶輪少年服務團所選舉的扶輪少年服務團團員), 由這位代表與地區的扶輪少年服務團委員會共同籌組並發展扶輪少年服務團的會議。

  • Appoint a district Interact committee if appropriate.

  • Sign and approve the organization of all Interact clubs in the district.

  •  Send your monthly letters to Interact clubs.

  •  If five or more Interact clubs exist in the district, encourage the election of a district Interact representative (an Interactor elected by the district’s Interact clubs) to work with the district Interact committee to organize and develop programs for Interact meetings.




Rotaract is a Rotary-sponsored service organization for young men and women, ages 18-30, designed to provide opportunities to enhance personal development by building leadership and professional skills.


Your responsibilities as governor:

  • 在適當情況下指派一個地區的扶輪青年服務團委員會。

  • 簽核及批准地區內所有扶輪青年服務團的籌組。

  • 若情況適合的話,確保扶輪青年服務團領導才能訓練講習會在地區講習會期間舉辦。

  • Appoint a district Rotaract committee if appropriate.

  • Approve the organization of all Rotaract clubs in the district.

  • Ensure that the Rotaract leadership training seminar is conducted during the district assembly if appropriate.


Rotary Community Corps (RCC)


The Rotary Community Corps (RCC) program promotes self-reliance among community groups and encourages participants to identify and address community needs.


Your responsibilities as governor:

  • 在適當情況下指派一個地區扶輪社區服務團委員會。

  • 簽核及批准地區內所有扶輪社區服務團的籌組。

  • 要求負責扶輪社區服務團計劃的地區扶輪社區服務團委員會繳交活動報告。

  • 建立一個地區內現有的扶輪社區服務團的清單,其中應包含輔導扶輪社的名稱。

  • 在地區的刊物表揚扶輪社區服務團成功的服務計劃。

  • Appoint a district RCC committee if appropriate.

  • Approve the organization of all RCCs in the district.

  • Receive status reports from the district Rotary Community Corps committee, which is responsible for the RCC program.

  • Maintain a list of active RCCs in the district, along with the name of their sponsoring Rotary clubs.

  • Cite successful RCC projects in district publications.


Rotary Fellowships


Rotary Fellowships unite Rotarians worldwide in friendship and service, the exchange of ideas, and the pursuit of international understanding based on common interests or vocations.


Your responsibilities as governor:

  • 在適當情況下指派一個地區扶輪聯誼委員會。

  • 在總監月報中報導聯誼活動。

  • 在地區年會中報告年度的聯誼活動。

  • Appoint a district Rotary Fellowship committee if appropriate.

  • Mention Fellowship activities in your monthly letters.

  • Report at the district conference on Fellowship activities for the year.


Rotary Friendship Exchange


Rotary Friendship Exchange gives Rotarians and their families an opportunity to live for a certain period of time in the homes of Rotarians and their families in other countries.


Your responsibilities as governor:

  • 在適當的情況下成立一個地區扶輪友誼交換委員會。

  • Appoint a district Rotary Friendship Exchange committee if appropriate.


Rotary Volunteers


The Rotary Volunteers program is designed to link individual Rotarian volunteers with situations in which their skills can be put to good use locally and internationally.


Your responsibilities as governor:

  • 在適當的情況下成立一個地區扶輪義工委員會

  • 如果職業服務主委尚未被指派時,請簽核扶輪義工個人註冊和地點註冊表。

  • 當您的地區內有災難發生並需要扶輪義工的支援時可要求國際扶輪發布一個全球性的災禍公告來尋求協助。

  • Appoint a district Rotary Volunteers committee if appropriate.

  •  If a Vocational Service chair has not been appointed, sign Rotary Volunteers Personal Registration and Site Registration forms.

  • Request that a global Disaster Notice be issued from RI when a disaster occurs in your district that requires the assistance of Rotary Volunteers.


Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA)


RYLA is a program that provides young people ages 14-30 with an opportunity to develop leadership skills.

  • 適當的情況下成立一個地區扶輪青少年領袖獎委員會。

  • Appoint a district RYLA committee if appropriate.


World Community Service (WCS)


WCS occurs whenever a Rotary club in one country assists a Rotary club in another country with its community service project.


Your responsibilities as governor:

  • 在適當的情況下成立一個地區世界社區服務委員會。

  • 簽署地區內扶輪社的世界社區服務計劃,以便被國際扶輪登錄在世界社區服務計劃交換當中。

  • Appoint a district WCS committee if appropriate.

  • Endorse WCS projects undertaken by clubs in the district so that they can be registered by RI on the World Community Service Projects Exchange.


Youth Exchange


Rotary’s Youth Exchange program allows Rotary districts to participate in exchanges with students ages 15–19 from more than 80 countries worldwide.


Your responsibilities as governor:

  • 在適當情況下指派一個地區青少年交換職員或委員會。

  • 向秘書處報告青少年交換職員或委員會主委姓名及地址。

  • 確保有適當的風險管理辦法。

  • Appoint district Youth Exchange officers or a committee if appropriate.

  • Provide the name and address of officers or committee chair to the Secretariat.

  • Ensure that appropriate risk-management measures are in place.

總監有一個很重要的責任, 那就是確保所有的地區活動是以正當的方式進行.


As district governor, you have ultimate responsibility for ensuring that district programs are being conducted appropriately.


Vocational Service


Vocational Service provides vocational education and training to a variety of groups within the local community and communities in other countries.


Your responsibilities as governor:

  • 在適當的情況下成立一個地區職業服務委員會。

  • 推廣10月份為職業服務月。



  • Appoint a district Vocational Service committee if appropriate.

  • Promote October as Vocational Service Month.


1.     參考本章的附錄

2.     利用計劃名稱在國際扶輪網站搜尋資訊

For more information on RI programs and related publications:

1. Refer to the appendix to this chapter.

2. Search www.rotary.org using the program’s name.