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Lead the Way for Literacy 


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2006-08 年間識字及教育資源小組第4地帶協調人前總監 許勝傑 提供
PDG Jason, Literacy Resource Group Coordinator for Zone 4, 2006-08






As many as one in five adults in the UK lacks functional literacy skills, this could mean that seven million adults in these islands cannot use Yellow Pages to find a plumber.


65% of our prison population have a reading age of under eight years, and a tenth are illiterate.


Up to 50% of prisoners on release cannot read or write well enough to hold down a job, and up to 85% of young offenders are functionally illiterate. It seems that people lacking literacy skills are twice as likely as average to be on a low wage, and four times as likely, on average, to be in a relationship where neither partner works.


Hence the cycle of illiteracy is likely to continue, especially where women fail to learn to read and write, because their children will likely have similar problems.


The impact of illiteracy is seen frequently in these islands in unemployment, increased crime and anti-social behavior. This is not surprising when many people cannot complete application forms, or read instructions on machines or labels, and schools are increasingly overloaded with targets. Rotarians are well placed to help our citizens to overcome these difficulties. Please help.




How could Rotarians help?

設定你的網路首頁為 www.theliteracysite.com

Set your Internet home page to www.theliteracysite.com


Every day you can click on the button to donate books free. 155,000 books were donated this way in 2004.


Help is needed for both adults and children. Adults with literacy problems can be particularly difficult to identify because they develop many ways to disguise their disabilities. Some however do seek help, and in prison those lacking literacy skills provide a ‘captive’ audience.


For children, much has been done in schools by government promotions of the Literacy Hour and the Numeracy Hour. However many schools, especially in deprived areas, have difficulties managing their budgets and often economies are found by cutting down on books, or opting out of joining the school’s library service (saving £2,000 pa). Surprisingly too, more gifted children can be overlooked in reading practice as limited teaching resources frequently need to be concentrated on efforts with the less able children.




How could clubs get started?


Contact heads of local schools to establish their needs


Offer hourly or morning/afternoon assistance


Listen to readers (often the more able children get less attention)


Assist teachers by accompanying children to the school library

擴展學校的圖書館(為失學區域提供補助或購買書籍 有些無足夠的經費增加圖書館的服務)

Expand the school library (subsidise/purchase books in deprived areas – some cannot afford to join library services)


Set up contacts between schools for e-mail exchange between pupils, possibly abroad and perhaps using links with other Rotary clubs


Sponsor spelling/reading/essay competitions, all ways of helping to raise literacy and education standards.

能夠在 www.goodgifts.org 的目錄上提供良好禮物或來電 020 7794 8000為每位學童提供15元英磅包含三本成套的識字書,或是在婦女收容所提供95元英磅來幫助學童的圖書館。 

The Good Gifts catalogue at www.goodgifts.org or Tel: 020 7794 8000 can supply Lit Kits at £15.00 each (containing 3 books) per child, or £95.00 to help stock children’s libraries at women’s refuges.






Helping children:

認養一間學校: 扶輪社能夠與他們地方的學校聯繫,看看他們有什麼需要,如義務協助閱讀、幫助學校成員 (圖書館工作等) 、捐贈圖書等的可能性

Adopt-A-School: clubs could contact their local schools to see what they need, possibly volunteer assistance with reading, helping staff (library work, etc.), supplying books.


Reading Is Fundamental, UK helps children and young people to realise their potential by motivating them to read.


Review their web site for ideas at www.literacytrust.org.uk




Volunteer Reading Help:

把成人、兒童、與書籍結合起來,在小學堨L們需要更多的義工來幫助 (學期間每週三小時) 並且需要資金贊助來訓練義工。

www.vrh.org.uk Tel: 020 7729 4087 (June Nichols)

Brings together adults, children and books. They need more volunteers to help in primary schools (3 hours a week term-time) and funding to finance volunteer training.

備註: 所有學校內為年青人工作的義工將需準備證件,這包括一份來自警政署犯罪資料中心的完整証明書,並且一份獨立的推薦函。申請書可以由學校秘書處或是

www.disclosure.gov.uk 網站取得

NB: all volunteers in schools will need to arrange certification to work with youngsters. This involves completion of a form from the Criminal Records Bureau and an independent reference. Forms are obtainable from the school secretary or www.disclosure.gov.uk




Helping adults:


Rotarians should be aware that adult literacy volunteers may be required to undertake training.


The following has been extracted from the very useful National Literacy Trust website: www.literacytrust.org.uk




What does volunteering involve?

安排成人識字能力的義務工作因地區而有不同,一般而言,義工會被面試來評估他們的適當性,並且可能需要完成一套課程(通常是要八週每週兩小時)。由於政府的推薦,已經開發出新的義工證照;雖然現存的條件仍然有效。大多數的大專學院需要義工完成,成人學習的第二階認證,雖然有些可能是提供他們自己的訓練。有一些大專學院沒有使用義工,取而代之的是注重在徵求完全符合規定的助教,需要具備第四階的認證來帶領教學。假使適當,義工可能會被安排在一個團體內來支援一位有薪水的助教,或可能是與一位學生做一對一為主的工作。承諾是很重要的: 持續最少一年每週兩小時的要求。

Arrangements for adult literacy volunteering vary from area to area. Generally volunteers are interviewed to assess their suitability and may need to complete a course (usually two hours a week for eight weeks). New qualifications for volunteers have been developed as a result of government recommendations, although existing ones are still valid. Most colleges require volunteers to complete the City and Guilds Level 2 Certificate in Adult Learner Support, although some may offer their own training. Some colleges do not use volunteers, preferring to focus instead on recruiting fully qualified tutors with the Level 4 Certificate required to lead a class. If suitable, volunteers may either be placed in a group to support a paid tutor or may work with a student on a one-to-one basis. Commitment is essential: two hours a week for at least a year is expected.




How do I volunteer?

記得所有安排是根據地方有所差異,第一步是要聯繫你地方的成人基礎教育協調人,這是根據位於一所大專學院內或是一間基本技術中心。如需聯繫資訊,薩姆布魯克(Sam Brookes)的電子郵件是

sam.brookes@literacytrust.org.uk 或是電話 020 7828 2435

Remember that arrangements vary from area to area. The first step is to contact your local adult basic education coordinator, based either at a college or a basic skills unit. For contact details email Sam Brookes at sam.brookes@literacytrust.org.uk or call 020 7828 2435.

另外可聯繫基本技能組織(Basic Skills Agency):  www.basic-skills.co.uk ,這是一個由國家發展的組織,是為英國與威爾士的成人提供識字、計算、與相關基本技能的組織。他們的網址有相當豐富的資訊可提供扶輪社團參與的機會。

Alternatively contact the Basic Skills Agency: www.basic-skills.co.uk This is a national development agency for adult literacy, numeracy and related basic skills in England and Wales. Their web-site provides a wealth of information on opportunities for clubs to get involved. 020 7405 4017.


Local libraries and local councils should be able to help locate several organisations in your area which seek to help adults to build their reading and writing skills.





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Email: dwfowler@waitrose.com

電話: (B & P) 01886 884690, (F) 01886 884005

Contact for further information:

PDG David Fowler, General Coordinator 2006-07 RI Literacy Resource Group,

Old School House, Alfrick Pound, WORCESTER,


Email: dwfowler@waitrose.com

Telephone: (B & P) 01886 884690, (F) 01886 884005