Voices for peace


For Rotarians, peace is more than a word – it’s a philosophy.

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扶輪創始人及國際扶輪1910-12年度社長保羅•哈理斯Paul P. Harris:『我毫不猶豫地說,假如世界和平建立在扶輪的友誼,寬容與有用的堅固基礎上,便可以達成恆久。』

Paul P. Harris, Rotary Founder and President, 1910-12

I have no hesitation in saying that world peace could be achieved and made permanent if reared on Rotary’s firm foundation of friendliness, tolerance, and usefulness.”

國際扶輪1910~42年度秘書長柏利Chesley R. Perry說:(刊登於『英文扶輪月刊』19149月號)『如果那是必要的就讓這次戰爭繼續下去吧,然而,現在讓我們再想一想戰爭的可怕,與和平的幸福﹔願扶輪負起一個國際組織的使命,增進國際和平與親善。』

Chesley R. Perry, Gerneral Secretary, R.I., 1910-42

Let [World War I] go on if it need be, but let us give thought now to the horrors of war and the blessings of peace; let Rotary make international peace and goodwill its mission as an international organization.” (from an editorial in THE ROTARIAN, September 1914.)

美國1913~21年總統,阿拉巴馬州,伯明翰扶輪社前榮譽社員威爾遜Woodrow Wilson說:『不要有勝利的自由勝利意指以強力壓迫失敗者所獲來的和平,和平一詞意為強使被征服者在威脅之下恥辱地接受一種不能忍受的犧牲依據這種條件所獲致的和平是一種痛苦的記憶,不能持久,而是建立在流砂之上。只有在相等對的中間才能建立恆久的和平。』

Woodrow Wilson, President, U.S.A., 1913-21, and former honorary member, the Rotary Club of Birmingham, Alabama

“It must be a peace without victory…victory would mean peace forced upon the loser, a victor’s terms imposed upon the vanquished, accepted in humiliation, under duress, at an intolerable sacrifice…a bitter memory upon which term of peace would rest, not permanently, but only as upon quicksand; only a peace between equals can last.”



At its convention in Edinburgh, Scotland, in 1921, Rotary adopted international service into the Object of Rotary. This “Fourth Avenue of Service,” as we know it today, calls for “The advancement of understanding, goodwill, and peace through a world fellowship of business and professional men [and now women, as well] united in the ideal of service.”

菲律賓政治家,曾任國際扶輪社1937~38年度副社長,羅穆洛Carlos P. Romulo


Carlos P. Romulo, Philippine statesman and Vice-President, R.I., 1937-38

Unlike military power, moral force is not measurable in terms of ships, tanks, and planes. The moral power of people united for peace can tip the scales against war.”

國際扶輪社1957~58年度社長天鈕德Charles G. Tennent


Charles G. Tennent, President, R.I., 1957-58

“Goodwill in the hearts and minds of men is world peace in the making.”

國際扶輪1959~60年度社長湯瑪斯Harold T. Thomas


Harold T. Thomas, President, R.I., 1959-60

We have reached a stage where the all-important factor is the will to peace in the hearts and minds of men-the new and slowly developing sense of oneness-the newly born conscience of mankind.”

國際扶輪1966-67年度社長伊文士Richard L.Evans:『人類對於和平的迫切需要所要說,所要做的實在很多,為了互相瞭解,為了幫助人們尋求出路,為了服務世界,為了使我們彼此更親近,使大家過著更美好的生活,因為神賜給我們這個偉大而美麗的地球,我們原本就有互相需要的不論我們是否知道。』

Richard L. Evans, President, R.I., 1966-67

“There is so much to say, so much to do, so great a need for peace, for understanding, for helping men find their way, for serving the world, for drawing nearer to one another in this life that is so wonderful to live, and on this great and beautiful God-given earth where all of us so much need each other-whether we know it or not.”

國際扶輪1981-82年度社長麥卡佛利Stanley E. Mc Caffrey說:「扶輪社員有改善國際瞭解與親善的理想,並為促進世界和平而努力工作;為使所有扶輪社員把注意力集中於此一基本目標,我便把我的工作年度主題訂為〝透過扶輪增進世界瞭解與和平〞。」

Stanley E. McCaffrey, President, R.I., 1981-82

It is my firm conviction that Rotary, with one million members in 172 countries, and our purpose of peace in the world, more than any other organization, can make a vitally significant contribution to the objective of world understanding and peace among the nations of the world.”

國際扶輪1982~83年度社長向笠廣次Hiroji Mukasa


Hiroji Mukasa, President, R.I., 1982-83

Mankind is one big family, all praying for peace.”




國際扶輪第243扶輪地區(土耳其)1982~83年度總監蘇茂Selcuk Somer


Selcuk Somer, Governor, R.I. District 243, Turkey, 1982-83

As the stability of the physical world depends on the equilibrium of the atom, peace at home is the nucleus of universal peace, the aspiration of Rotary, which is not only a concept but a reality towards which the whole of humanity has to aim.”


國際扶輪1983~85年度理事Chae-Kyung Oh說:『在平等統治下和平是可能的,國家在他們中間既沒有壓迫者也沒有受壓迫者﹔人民生活在愛心與瞭解中間,且樂意為他人服務,和平自然興盛。』

Chae-Kyung Oh, Director, R.I., 1983-85

Peace is possible where equality reigns, where there is neither the oppressor nor the oppressed; peace thrives on love and understanding among people and on the joy of service to one another.”

國際扶輪1987~89年度理事汪西M. Bahir Onsy說:『和平是我們所喜歡尋求的一隻美麗的野鳥,但是,我們需要瞭解,耐性與信心去獲得她,馴服她。』

M. Bahir Onsy, Director, R.I., 1987-89

Peace is that beautiful, wild bird we desire but which needs understanding, patience, and credibility to be reached and tamed.”

國際扶輪社1991~92年度社長當選人薩寶Rojendra K. Saboo


Rajendra K. Saboo, President-Elect, R.I., 1991-92

Peace does not come by chance-it comes from deliberate action to respect the right of every human being to a dignified living.”


國際扶輪2002~03年度社長拉達軍Bhichai Rattakul


Bhichai Rattakul, President, R.I., 2002-03

Peace must come from the grass roots and never from the top; it has to be a pyramid built brick by brick, stone by stone.”


瑞士蘇黎世扶輪社社員,曾任Der Neue Z urcher Zeitung 雜誌主編盧新格Fred A Luchsinger:『瑞士是一個非常和平的國家,不僅是因為它曾連續4個世紀伴未曾被捲入戰爭,同時,也因為它從來未曾有進攻鄰國的意圖。』

Fred Luchsinger, former Editor-in Chief, Der Neue Zurcher Zeitung, and member, Rotary Club of Zurich, Switzerland

Switzerland is a very peaceful country, not only because it has succeeded in staying out of war for four-and-a half centuries, but also because it has not developed any offensive intentions toward its neighbors.”




愛爾蘭共和國總統,前巴林納扶輪社榮譽社員羅賓遜Marry Robinson


Mary Robinson, President, Republic of Ireland, and honorary member, Rotary Club of Ballina

I value and support the commitment that has developed within Rotary to tolerance and understanding, and to reaching out in some positive, practical way to develop the kind of linkages and the kind of relationships we must build.”


日本松下電器公司董事長,大阪扶輪社前社員松下幸之助Donosuke Matsushita


Konosuke Matsushita, President, Matsushita Electric company, and former member, Rotary Club of Osaka, Japan

Man has the potential for creating endless prosperity, happiness, and peace, and this capacity can be effectively recognized and demonstrated.”

美國牧師,作家,曾任紐約扶輪社榮譽社員比爾Norman Vincent Peale說:『扶輪─因服務理想而聯結一致之事業與職業界人士,透過世界性聯誼,以增進國際間之瞭解,親善與和平﹔那不是靠著消極態度所能分享到的,也不可能在人類中間建立一個和平的世界。』

Norman Vincent Peale, clergyman, author, and honorary member of the Rotary clubs of New York, New York, and Pawling, New York, U.S.A.

Rotary…believes there can be international understanding and goodwill and peace through a world fellowship of business and professional men united in the ideal of service; it does not share the negative attitude that if is not possible to create a world of goodwill among men.”


美國政治家,伊利諾州,春田扶輪社前社員史提文遜Adlai Stevenson1965年國際扶輪年會上致詞


Adlai E. Stevenson, U.S. statesman and former member, the Rotary Club of Springfield, Illinois

(Address to the 1965 R.I. Convention) “No peace will be lasting unless we can spread the blessings of education to all people, unless we can offer them hope and health, food and shelter, and room to pursue their lives with dignity and security as members of the great human family…all the world now knows that disease, sickness, poverty, and misery are not the inevitable destiny of man.”