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作者:Elkie Hon


Director of Int’l Service, RC Hong Kong

September 6, 2006




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2006年7月17日在蒙古的烏蘭巴托,一個由扶輪社員及非扶輪社員組成的「2006年為生命而檢驗」Test for Life(TFL) 2006義工團開始3週的醫療之旅,到蒙古4個省份為游牧婦女巡迴子宮頸癌篩檢。12名義工乘坐他們自己的3輛吉普車、載滿醫療設備及儀器、帳棚、食物、水及衣服,旅行超過2,200公里,造訪了鄂爾渾省的鄂爾德尼特(Erdenet)、布拉干省的布拉干(Bulgan)、庫蘇古勒省的木倫(Murun)、及後杭愛省的車車爾勒格(Resettlement)。

On 17 July 2006 at Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, a team of volunteers of “Test for Life 2006”, both Rotarians and non-Rotarians, began their 3-week tour to provide mobile cervical cancer screening service to Nomadic women in 4 rural provinces.  There were twelve volunteers in 3 jeeps of their own, fully loaded with lots of medical equipment and instruments, tents, food, water and clothes.  They traveled over 2,200 km and visited Erdenet town of Orhon province, Bulgan town of Bulgan province, Murun town of Hubsugul province and Tsetserleg town of Arhangai province.

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Press conference before tour

IPP Dr. Bayar and his nurse

Medical team and their jeeps that travelled 2,200 km

IPP Dr. Bayar conducting Pap Smear Test


During the tour, they climbed as high as to over 3,500 meter above sea level; crossed mountains, meadows, valleys, rivers, streams and volcanic area on very rough and muddy roads.  A lot of times, there was no road at all but endless grass or mud.  They slept in tents, Mongolian gers and primitive motels; very often there was no water and electricity supply.  There were times that they had no shower for three consecutive days.  They experienced four seasons’ weather, both rainy and sunny, within a day for every day throughout the mission…


Every year, there are thousands of patients die from advanced cervical cancers in Mongolia, some of them even had no idea about the cause of their death.  More than 90% of cases were detected at late stage.  It was because there is no screening and early detection service provided by the government.  Ironically, in developing and developed countries, cervical cancer is no longer a terminal disease.  It can be easily detected at very early stage and could be treated successfully.  According to survey, 95% of female population in Mongolia is still unscreened.

「Test for Life」健診團提供子宮頸癌篩檢服務,每個婦女的篩檢成本是10美元。如果一個女人得了子宮頸癌,但在早期發現,予以適當治療之後,她的生命就能得救﹗在2005年的第一趟巡迴篩檢之旅,「Test for Life」健診團篩檢了1,000個婦女,總計發現77位得了癌前病變。所有病患都得到適當治療,而且痊癒了﹗2006年總共篩檢了2,350個婦女。檢驗的結果目前還在實驗室化驗中。

Test for Life” provides cervical cancer screening to a woman at the cost of USD10.  If a woman has cervical cancer and is detected at early stage, with proper treatment, her life is saved!  At the first tour, took place in 2005, “Test for Life” screened 1,000 women and detected 77 cases of pre-cancer.  All patients were properly treated and recovered!  In 2006, a total of 2,350 women were screened.  Laboratory results are under progress.

這個動人而且有意義的計畫是3450地區庫烈扶輪社在2005年發起及主辦。在2006年的計畫,國際贊助單位為:韓國3620地區Cheonan Dosol扶輪社及3620地區捐獻了59384號配合獎助金;除了3450地區香港扶輪社的捐獻之外, 3480地區的台北錫口扶輪社及台北吉林扶輪社也有捐獻。到最前線去執行計畫的有3450地區的庫烈扶輪社、3620地區的Cheonan Dosol扶輪社、及3450地區的香港扶輪社。

This touching and meaningful project was originated and has been hosted by Khuree RC/D3450 since 2005.  In the 2006 project, international sponsors were: Cheonan Dosol RC/D3620 and District 3620 Korea contributed to Matching Grant #59384; in addition to contributions from Hong Kong RC/D3450, Taipei Tin Harbour RC/D3480, and Taipei Genius RC/D3480.  On implementation front, participants were Khuree RC/D3450, Cheonan Dosol RC/D3620 and Hong Kong RC/D3450.

「Test for Life」吸引了蒙古許多主要的全國電視台、廣播電台、及主要報紙在全國報導這趟任務,包括行前以及任務結束之後的報導。社會大眾紛紛撥電話來感謝扶輪提供他們社區這麼有意義及重要的服務。有些人甚至問,他們如何能成為扶輪社員以幫助窮人。扶輪精神再一次生動地展現在這個計畫,我們也感動了人心。

Test for Life” attracted many major national TVs, radio stations and leading newspapers in Mongolia to broadcast the mission nationwide, both before and after tour.  There were phone calls from general public thanking Rotary for giving such a meaningful and critical service to the community.  Some callers even asked how they could become a Rotarian in order to help the needy.  Once again, Rotary spirit is vividly demonstrated in this project and we are touching people’s hearts.

在烏蘭巴托的一個扶輪慈善舞會,那些曾接受「2005 Test for Life」健診團的治療並痊癒的游牧病人出人意料地出現了。他們個個充滿感恩,喜極而泣,手裡拿著花束向救了他們一命的「Test for Life」計畫及扶輪表達最大的感激。

At a Rotary charity ball in Ulaanbaatar, treated and recovered Nomadic patients from “Test for Life 2005” unexpectedly appeared.  All of them were in tears of happiness and appreciation, holding bunches of flower in their hands, and they expressed their utmost gratitude, to “Test for Life” project and to Rotary for saving their lives.


We hope to see this project continues to serve the needy in Mongolia in a more comprehensive way.  There is nothing more important and imminent than saving human lives!