February is World Understanding Month

台北松山扶輪社前社長 高永吉 PP Spencer 譯

在二月當中,媒體會找尋有關世界了解相關的故事。扶輪教育計劃提供了一種扶輪如何利用教育以促進和平很好的範例。趁這次的機會發佈新聞報導在貴社或地區附近大學已註冊的扶輪獎學生。或者請貴地區之獎學生寫封信到 貴國的報社報告他們學習心得,以便與貴社區分享他們的經驗。

During February the media searches for stories covering world understanding. Rotary’s educational programs provide a great example of how Rotary promotes peace through education. Take this opportunity to send out news releases featuring Rotary scholars enrolled at universities near your club or district. Or have scholars from your district write a letter to your paper from the country where they are now studying to share their experience with your community.



Letter to the Editor Templates

Ambassadorial Scholar


During times of conflict many people think about the future of international relations. We believe that now is a very good time to reemphasize Rotary's goal of world understanding and peace.


As a participant in Rotary International's Ambassadorial Scholarship program, you have a unique perspective on intercultural exchange. We ask that you share your experiences and spread the word of Rotary's good work on an international level.


Below is a model letter that you can personalize, add your own reflections, and send to the editor of your local newspaper. The editorial page is generally one of the most-read sections of the newspaper, and your letter is likely to reach many people.


Visit the “PR Tools” section of the Effective Public Relations Web site for additional tips on writing and using letters to the editor.


Dear Editor,  


In times of conflict, world peace and understanding are more important than ever. During the past year, it is clear that broadening our international understanding is critical. Efforts to encourage the study of foreign cultures provide opportunities for all students to broaden their knowledge of the world.


“Education has the power to transform people and countries alike, because it is the wellspring of equality, ability, social opportunity, economic stability and national progress, ” said Peter Smith, UNESCO’s assistant director-general for education.


As a Rotary Foundation Scholar in [year], I have strengthened my commitment to peace and conflict resolution on an international level. The program provides students with three- to six-month and one- or two-year scholarships to study abroad, serving as ambassadors of goodwill.  My time abroad gave me the chance to enrich myself both academically and culturally, and I was able to promote international goodwill throughout the global community.


Thanks to the Rotary Club of [City, State], I spent [amount of time] studying in [City, Country]. [Add a few sentences of personal reflections]


As the world works to combat hatred and intolerance, I am reminded of what so many of us learn as Ambassadorial Scholars - cultural differences make us unique, but our differences are not what ultimately matter. We can all work together to foster cross-cultural respect, peace and understanding worldwide. I thank Rotary for broadening my perspective and changing my life.




[Your Name]

Ambassadorial Scholar Rotary International