Groundbreaking Rotary World Peace Symposium a success





By Antoinette Tuscano, Rotary International News

Photos by Monik Lozinska-Lee (16 June 2007)

翻譯:2005~08年度第4B地帶地域扶輪基金協調人邵偉靈RRFC Dens

Translated by PDG DENS, Regional Rotary Foundation Coordinator , Zones 4B, 2005-08

<來自尚比亞的Mwila Chigaga是一位扶輪世界和平獎學生,同時也是在此活動400位扶輪和平計畫參加者中的一位。

<Mwila Chigaga, from Zambia, is a Rotary World Peace Fellow and one of 400 Rotary peace program participants at the event.  

Cory McCruden是近400位扶輪世界>


Cory McCruden is among nearly 400 attendees >

at the first Rotary World Peace Symposium. She is currently a Rotary World Peace Fellow at the University of Bradford.

鹽湖城-來自紐約市的扶輪世界和平獎學生Cory McCruden與來自尚比亞的Mwila Chigaga,在這星期之前朗位未曾謀面過。但是當他們與差不多有400位其他的扶輪和平計畫參加者、前受獎人、教職員和扶輪社員們為這有史以來的第一屆扶輪世界和平專題討論會在這星期聚集鹽湖城時,他們迅速地意識到他們是一個全球家庭的一部分。

Salt Lake City - Rotary World Peace Fellows Cory McCruden from New York City, and Mwila Chigaga, from Zambia, had never met before this week. But they quickly realized they were part of a global family when they and nearly 400 other Rotary peace program participants, alumni, faculty, and Rotary members gathered this week for the first ever Rotary World Peace Symposium in Salt Lake City. Dr.eye:

"遇見Mwila看起來就像是意識到在尚比亞我還有一個姐妹,"  McCruden 說。

"Meeting Mwila is like realizing I have a sister in Zambia," said McCruden.

"這是驚人的,"Chigaga 說。"這屆和平專題討論會是具有歷史意義的。這裡如此有活力和精神。使我感到如此生氣蓬勃。傾聽其他和平獎學生所談的話,真使我為他們的成就而感到驕傲。 "

"This is amazing," says Chigaga.  "This peace symposium is historic.  There's such an energy and spirit here.  I feel so invigorated. Listening to other Peace Fellows talk makes me so proud of their accomplishments. ".


Represented here are some of the best and brightest from Rotary's two innovative peace programs, the Rotary Centers for International Studies in peace and conflict resolution, a graduate-level program marking its fifth anniversary, and the Rotary Peace and Conflict Studies Program, a short-term program aimed at professionals in governments and other agencies, launched in 2006.


Attendees heard panel discussions about how alumni and participants of the two programs are working to resolve conflicts worldwide.

加利福尼亞大學柏克萊分校的扶輪和平中心主管艾德溫•愛波史丹,稱讚著扶輪中心。"扶輪社員業已創造了非常特別且非常令人驚嘆的某些事情。在我46年作為一位教育工作者的專業生涯裡,我曾經歷過中沒有一件事的是如此接近這個。 "

Edwin M. Epstein, the Rotary Peace Center director at the University of California at Berkeley, commended the Rotary Centers.  "Rotarians have created something very special and very wonderful. In the 46 years of my professional life as an educator, nothing I've experienced has ever come close to this. "

位於全世界7所重要大學的扶輪和平中心,提供獎學生有機會去研究在解決衝突、和平研究、國際關係和其他相關學科方面的一個碩士程度的計畫。透過一種全球競爭性甄選過程,每年至多接受60位扶輪世界和平獎學生。"柏克萊大學給了我技能和在我想要的領域內工作的工具,"馬來西亞前和平獎學生Jeyashree Nadarajah說,他擔任聯合國辦公室有關涉及武裝衝突孩童的特別代表的工作。

Located at seven leading universities around the world, Rotary Peace Centers provide fellows the chance to study in a master's level program in conflict resolution, peace studies, international relations, and other related disciplines.  Up to 60 Rotary World Peace Fellows are accepted each year through a globally competitive selection process. "The University of Berkeley gave me the skills and tools to work in the field I wanted to," says former Peace Fellow Jeyashree Nadarajah, of Malaysia, who works in the UN office for the special representation of children involved in armed conflict.

專題討論會其中一個主講人吉琳•索倫森,是聯合國基金的一位資深顧問之一,強調地告訴出席人士說︰"是的,和平是可能的。"但是,她補充說,"親善尚嫌不足。"它需要、努力工作、憧憬和掌握片刻的能力。她呼籲和平獎學生成為" 一支強大和平兵團的最重要的捍衛者。"

One of the symposium's keynote speakers Gillian Sorenson, a senior adviser at the UN Foundation, emphatically told attendees: "Yes, peace is possible. " But, she added, "Goodwill is not enough. " It will require, work, vision, and the ability to seize the moment.  She called upon the Peace Fellows to be "the first guard of a mighty peaceful army.

"作為一位和平獎學生極需去好好思慮,"從杜克大學和平中心畢業,同時也是國際勞工組織的總局長的Chigaga 說。"並且因為扶輪的名聲的正直,在我與扶輪的名字佩掛在一起時,我已經發現是一項大的責任。"

"Being a Peace Fellow is extremely well-regarded," said Chigaga, who graduated from the Duke University Peace Center and is the director general of the International Labor Organization.  "And because of the integrity of Rotary's name, I've discovered a big responsibility in carrying the name of Rotary with me.


"I really feel that I need to work hard to be up to the standard of my other Peace Fellows," said McCruden, who graduates in September from the Peace Center at the University of Bradford in West Yorkshire, England. "After hearing the stories of the other attendees, there's no way I can leave here and do nothing.  Some of these people are really putting their lives in danger for this. We need to come together to reinforce one another. "

有關從斯裡蘭卡衝突的敵對雙方而來的的二位扶輪和平與解決衝突計畫的前受獎人於此活動中重逢更多資訊,可閱讀〝從斯裡蘭卡衝突的敵對雙方而來的的二位前受獎人現已成為朋友Two alumni from opposite sides of Sri Lanka's conflict now friends〞一文。

Read more about two alumni of the Rotary Peace and Conflict Studies Program from opposite side of the Sri Lankan conflict who have reunited at the event.