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Thousands Perished on Earthquake 6.2 Richter Scale in Jogjakarta

國際扶輪3520地區前總監謝三連PDG Jackson翻譯2005/09/30


本文下載 :    印尼Jogjakarta發生芮氏6.2級強烈地震-(pdf.273KB)





國際扶輪3520地區前總監謝三連PDG Jackson翻譯提供訊息

發文者:3400地區總監Rodolfo C. Balmater




From: Rodolfo C Balmater

To: jacksonf@ms4.hinet.net

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Sent: Sunday, May 28, 2006 1:14 PM



Dear PDG Jackson


As of this morning(May 28) , the people reportedly perished is now reaching 2,400 and many casualties are treated in the nearby hospital but due to overflowing of patients , medical treatment is now done outside or at the corriedors of the hospital.


扶輪社已設立一個倉庫,接受醫藥、食物、飲水、毯子、避難箱、及其他救難物資。顯然目前基礎設施尚無法支援災民(沒有電力、醫藥用盡)。捐贈物資,請寄下址:POSKO SIAGA ROTARY, JALAN DR. WAHIDIN 66-68, D/A MIRASA BAKERY, YOGYAKARTA,55222 INDONESIA

(a) What do we need urgently?

Rotary established a depot to recieve medicines, food, water, blanket, shelter boxes, and other emergency materials.  apparently, infrastrcuture system cannot yet support the victims(no electricity, running out of medicines.,etc), The address in Jogja is POSKO SIAGA ROTARY, JALAN DR. WAHIDIN 66-68, D/A MIRASA BAKERY, YOGYAKARTA, 55222



 (b) How do we handle cash donations?

Rotary International District 3400 is now setting up a new and separate  bank account which will be auditable, transparent, and accountable to ensure that the donors are comfortable for their contributions.  The bank account will only be available on Monday morning(May 29). And we will communicate promptly to you as soon as we have it. 


國際扶輪社長施當恆Carl-Wilhelm Stenhammar及國際扶輪理事白馬南Noraseth Pathmanand 529日將訪問雅加達,並且出席雅加達埠際會議。今天將有150位扶輪社員歡迎他們到訪。我們已要求他們是否能在530日訪問Jogjakarta災區,並在我們指定的倉庫會見捐獻許多物品的扶輪社員。

(c) Just for your Information

Rotary International President  Carl-Wilhelm Stenhammar and RI Director Noraseth are visiting Jakarta on May 29 and join the intercity meeting in Jakarta. Today 150 Rotarians are going to welcome their arrival. We requested if possible on May 30(Tuesday) to visit  disaster area Jogjakarta and possiblt meet many Rotarians who are bringing in many stuff at our designated depot.


敬祈 早賜佳音!

Please relay this information to our fellow Rotarians and I know they are very supportive of the needs of Indonesia.

Looking forward to hearing from you

Yours in the Service of Rotary

Rodolfo C. Balmater



Rodolfo C. Balmater

District Governor 2005-06

Rotary International District 3400

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