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Every Rotarian, Every Year


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「每位扶輪社員,每年」Every Rotarian, Every Year的努力具體表現七大市場行銷目標seven marketing goals,鼓勵全世界扶輪社員透過他們的義工服務精神及慷慨完全參與扶輪基金會。經扶輪基金會保管委員會及國際扶輪理事會認可,「每位扶輪社員,每年」計畫的目的有兩方面:

The Every Rotarian, Every Year effort embodies seven marketing goals to encourage Rotarians worldwide to participate fully in their Rotary Foundation through both their spirit of volunteerism and their generosity. Endorsed by the Foundation's Trustees and the Rotary International Board of Directors, the purpose of the Every Rotarian, Every Year initiative is twofold:

  • 鼓勵每位扶輪社員,每年參與一個真正改善世界的扶輪基金會人道計畫或教育計畫;

  • 鼓勵每位扶輪社員捐獻扶輪基金會年度計畫基金(Annual Program Fund)2005年扶輪百週年之前達到全球平均每人美金100元的目標,並且在百週年之後的每年維持平均每人捐獻100美元。

  • Encourage Every Rotarian to participate in a Foundation humanitarian or educational project that truly makes a difference in the world, Every Year;

  • Encourage Every Rotarian to contribute to the Foundation's Annual Programs Fund toward the worldwide US$100 per capita annual giving goal by 2005, Rotary's 100th Anniversary, and Every Year thereafter.


The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International, throughout its history, has prided itself on being responsive to the challenges that confront humanity. As global leaders for doing good in the world, Rotarians through their spirit of volunteerism and generous philanthropy, remain at the heart of the Foundation's mission to eradicate polio and further its humanitarian, educational and cultural exchange programs worldwide. Each day, they work together to change lives in meaningful ways. Each day, they bridge the divide among people to foster world understanding and peace.


In 2004-2005, each month we will post new information and materials for Rotary clubs and districts to use to share the Every Rotarian, Every Year message toward achieving success in their Annual Programs Fund goals.


We hope that Every Rotarian will take this opportunity to participate in their Rotary Foundation and help to grow and sustain the Foundation's many wonderful programs. The generous support from Every Rotarian, Every Year to the Annual Programs Fund is the key to advancing the Foundation's life-changing programs that help rebuild impoverished communities and nations by resolving conflict, championing human rights, eradicating disease, feeding the hungry, and educating children and adults.


To assist Rotary clubs and districts in achieving success, each month, we will post new information and resources. Contributions to the Annual Programs Fund ensure a brighter future for all. Imagine how much more good we could do with the participation of Every Rotarian, Every Year.